Why Choose An Airflow Outdoor Fans? It’s What We Do!

Our Airflow Fans are designed and built for the outdoor environment, it’s not an indoor fan used outside. We have the knowhow and the experience.

What’s The Difference? Our fans with its high velocity (CFM) and “wet rating” will allow you to cool your outdoor venue during the summer’s oppressive heat indexes. They can be used in any environment including (see out stainless steel x-rated fan series) salt enriched coastal areas. Choosing an Airflow Outdoor Cooling fan will not only enhance your outdoor comfort level but, will allow you to utilize you venue year-round.

The perfect choice for outdoor seating and gathering areas; outdoor bar and restaurant, beach clubs, events venues, theme parks, commercial outdoor areas and residential living spaces.

By Choosing an Airflow Outdoor Fan you can be assured that you will have the best and most reliable fan available, with the flexibility that these fans offer you they can be installed in any space and blend into any design motif.


X-treme Ocean Breeze Fan

A true 304 stainless steel body fan capable of withstanding nature’s most harsh environments, Our X-treme fans are the perfect choice for outdoor cooling on or near coastal regions. these fans are constructed out of 304 stainless steel with an additional brushed powder coating for added protection. They come available in 18″ and the blades are constructed of a UV protected high density plastic impervious to salt water.


18″ and 24″ Ocean Breeze Fans

Our Ocean Breeze fans are the top of the line outdoor rated fan, featuring 3-speed high velocity sealed motors, 120 degrees of oscillations and are constructed so as to withstand many of nature’s harsh environments. It’s 3-speed controls allow you to custom tailor the amount of air movement required for your applications large or small and with it’s operating efficiency these fans can be utilized in any venue without any annoying sound distractions.

Our Ocean Breeze line is offered in a variety of finished including the only true 304 stainless steel oscillating fans. Installation  brackets available in wall, celling and floor mounted posts.

18″  |  OB 3-speed  |  120V   |  1.5 amps  |  Max 3900cfm
24″  |  OB 3-speed  |  120V   |  1.75 amps  |  Max 4900cfm

All fans are zinc plated and powder coated.




The “Woody” Ocean Breeze Fan

Our wood grain series of Ocean Breeze Fans offers a distinctive wood grain pattern on our 18″ or 24″ fans. These fans are perfect for blending into any wood ceiling or structure. Available in 3 rich tones: Mahogany, Bam-boo and Driftwood.

The shroud, blades and brackets are coated using a hydro-transfer application and then coated with a UV protected clear coat (similar to automotive industry standards).

Pantone color palette guide isolated on white background

Custom Series Ocean Breeze Fan

For those clients who require a special look or application Airflow Outdoor Fans offer several options to choose from. We carry an array of finishes, materials and colors to meet our customers design needs or branding requirements. Just ask!